Now You Have Power To Change The World!

Why We Exist

To make democracy work, we don't need one senate, but a million pop-up senates.

We need a platform to make changes in our space so we can improve our school, band, Facebook page, gym class, or office party.  Congressmen or lobbyists can't help you there.

Things current democracy can't fix for you:

  • Does our school need a better dorm?
  • Is Peter a bully?
  • What's the best restaurant in town?
  • Should guns be banned in our clubhouse?
  • Which band should headline on Friday?

Voting for a senator won't change the space that matters to you, but voting on AyeTap can.  Maybe we are not as divided or dependent as politicians think.

  • Ayetap
  • Ayetap
  • Ayetap

Use AyeTap to make little changes

and gradually everything will change.  This is just a beta launch, but hopefully someday we can move the Senate, one brick at a time, to a museum, where it belongs.