Welcome to AyeTap

We are building a new democracy, because democracy today is broken and run by the government, media & lobbyists. We are changing this, so you can improve your school, office, neighborhood or state. Politicians can't change what matters to you and online petitions are useless because they only show how many signed … not how many didn't sign. And current polls force you to pick from a list, so you can’t really express yourself.

AyeTap is limited to real people living in the United States (no trolls or Russian bots :) and we’ve built it to give you the power to change your space.

Join us and help redefine democracy.

How AyeTap Works

  •  one person, one vote
  •  no bots, trolls and fakes or duplicate votes
  •  limits voting to people living in an area
  •  Must have a US cellphone to join or chat or vote
  •  only one poll per subject, like a centralized election
  •  every voter handpicks the next
  •  voting is proactive, everyone can change the ballot
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What you can do next on AyeTap

  • Join us with just a simple click
  • Learn how to use AyeTap
  • Read more about our vision
  • Search existing TapCasts
About Us

We are building the new democracy, that isn't controlled by government, the media or lobbyists. A democracy that gives you the tools to change things that matter in your space, like your neighborhood, school, office or state. Because politicians can't do what all of us can.  Learn more

Join AyeTap and help redefine democracy.