How AyeTap Works

AyeTap is a peer to peer voting service that will make democracy cheaper, more effective and viral. Because democracy today is broken and run by the government, media & lobbyists. Voting today doesn't really improve your school, office, neighborhood or favorite pub because politicians can't change what matters to you, in your space. And online petitions are useless because they are one dimensional. Petitions only tell you how many signed, not how many DIDN'T sign, so you never know what the majority wants because you only see half the picture.

AyeTap lets people find out what the majority wants ... about anything, because every vote can be validated and traced back to a person in the real world, through a paper (and peer) trial.

  •  one person, one vote
  •  not email based, so no duplicates, bots, trolls or fake votes
  •  must have a US cellphone to join or chat or vote
  •  every voter is handpicked to vote by another
  •  define your electoral district so Californians (or Russians) can't vote on a Detroit issue
  •  turn a street corner, or a school or a stadium into a virtual polling booth (coming soon)
  •  only one poll per subject, like an election
  •  every voter is directly connected to someone and indirectly connected to everyone
  •  voting is proactive and anyone can change what's on the ballot

We've built AyeTap to give you the power to change your space. Join us and help redefine democracy.

AyeTap Storyboard

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The Name AyeTap       Why Current Petitions Fail       Voting by Tapping       Why Cellphones?

Vote Outside the Ballot       Voters have Equal Influence    

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A disrupter. An activist who changes the trajectory of a party or the essence of a law or the familiarity of a habit, through us all.

We are in beta and so we are limiting the number of TapCasts that can be started for now, while we work through the bugs and features. While the site is fully functional, we just want to be cautious for now. So if you want to start one, click the link below and tell us about your idea, and we'll email you a link to start your TapCast. We'll even spend our money promoting your poll if you want (learn more about marketing assistance here).